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Our reputation is built on providing premium sandwiches. We have been feeding the North East since 1989. Sandwich platters consist of 6 sandwiches (24 quarters) on granary, wholemeal and white bread with low fat sunflower spread.

Classic Mixes


£15.60 + VAT 

Platter A

Roast Ham & Mustard
A traditional Durham dry cure.
Tuna Mayo & Cucumber
Egg Mayo & Tomato

Platter B

Rare Roast Beef & Horseradish
Cooked by ourselves, guaranteed quality under the British EBLEX scheme.
Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese & Cucumber
Brie, Grape & Walnut

Platter C

Chicken Caesar with Lettuce & Fresh Parmesan
Crayfish & Lemon Thyme Mayo
Mozzarella & Pesto



 £15.60 + VAT

Platter D

Crayfish & Sweet Chilli
Tuna Mayo & Cucumber
Prawn Cocktail
We still like Royal Greenland best.

Platter E

Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese & Cucumber
D cut, no trim.
Prawn & Lemon Thyme Mayo
Tuna Mayo & Cucumber

Low Fat Platter

£15.60 + VAT
Platter F

Chicken Breast with Tomato
Low Fat Cream Cheese with Peppers
Low Fat Coronation Chicken

Meat Platters

£15.60 + VAT

Platter G 

Roast Ham
Chicken, Cranberry & Sage Stuffing
100% breast meat poached by us.
Smoked Ham, Swiss & Dijon
A classic.

Platter H

Rare Roast Beef & Coleslaw
Our beef is quality, our coleslaw homemade.
Coronation Chicken
70’s retro classic.
Chorizo & Swiss Cheese

Vegetarian Platters

£15.60 + VAT

Platter I

Brie, Grape & Walnut
Free-range Egg Mayo & Tomato
Hummus, Marinated Olives & Grated Carrot

Platter J

Free Range Egg Mayo & Tomato
Feta Cheese & Char-grilled Peppers

Mature Cheddar, Pickle & Tomato

Plain Platter

£18.00 + VAT

Platter K

We understand requests for ‘nothing fancy’ so this is a platter of 6 white buns with -

Egg Mayo & Tomato
Tuna & Cucumber
Beef Only
Ham Only
Chicken & Stuffing
Cheese & Pickle

Wrap Platter

£3.00 + VAT each

Platter L

A selection of wraps (min 6) with your favourite meat, fish or vegetarian fillings, or a combination.

Combination Platter

£3.00 + VAT each

Platter M

A variety of sandwich fillings served in a selection of buns, baguettes, ciabattas and wraps cut in half.(min 6)

Our Bites Platters



Mini Pizza / Cheese Lattice Platter


 Platter N




£16.80 + VAT


12 cheese lattice puffs, and 4 each of the following mini pizza-chorizo/jalepeno, spinach/pine nut and cheese/tomato.

Homemade Quiche


Platter O




£8.00 + VAT


Home-made quiche cut into 8 portions. Vegetarian option available. There is no hydrogenated fat in our pastry.


Homity Pie

Platter P




£9.00 + VAT

Does anyone remember this from Cranks, just behind Carnaby Street? Our version is vegetarian with potatoes, onions, fresh apple, cream, farmhouse cheddar and fresh herbs.


Vegetarian Mini Onion Bhaji & Samosa





£16.00 + VAT

Platter Q



Served with a raita dip.


12 Cocktail Poppy Knots 



£18.00 + VATPlatter R



An assortment of buns containing smoked salmon/cream cheese & cucumber, brie/grape & walnut, parma ham & cream cheese.

Fresh Vegetable Crudites with Dip




£16.00 + VAT


Platter S



A healthy option.


Mini Cumberland Sausages 




£15.00 + VATPlatter T



Served with a mustard dip.


Chicken Tikka 


£15.00 + VAT


Platter U



Served with a dip.


Chicken Sate 



£15.40 + VATPlatter V



Served with sweet chilli dip.


Chips & Dips

£8.00 + VAT

Platter W



1 large kettle and 1 large vegetable crisps served with a salsa dip and accompanying platter.


Traybake Biscuit Selection

£12.80 + VATPlatter X



A selection of caramel shortcake, malteser cake, crispy cake and flapjack.



Cake Platter

£13.60 + VAT

Platter Y



16 Pieces of carrot cake & chocolate brownie.



Fruit Platter

£12.00 + VAT

Platter Z



A selection of seasonal fruit – healthy option.